Upgrade Guide TYPO3 v10 to v12

Step 1. Setup TYPO3 v11 with your existing database & files

Step 2. Now you need to migrate gridelements to container for this you need to follow this step

Migrate from EXT.gridelements to EXT.container

Latest version of TYPO3 templates products have major breaking changes to migrate from outdated EXT.gridelements to modern EXT.container. Please take a look at the step-by-step migration guide below.

Step 1. Go to NITSAN > License Manager > Update to latest version of EXT.ns_theme_name

Step 2. Update EXT.ns_basetheme atleast version

Step 3. Go to Admin Tools > Maintenance module > Clear cache. Also, click on the “Dump Autoload” button. Or run the below command for the composer-based TYPO3 instance.

composer dump-autoload

Step 4. Install EXT.container extension

Step 5. Go to Admin Tools > Upgrade > Click on “Run Upgrade Wizard”

Step 6. Click on the “Execute” button of “Grid to Container Migration”


Step 7. Go to Admin Tools > Extensions > De-activate & Delete EXT.gridelements

Step 8. Go to Admin Tools > Maintenance > Clear Cache.

That’s it! All the grids are migrated (structure and data) from EXT.gridelements to EXT.container TYPO3 extension.

After Migration follow below step for Upgrade v12

Step 1. Export the full database after the migration.

Step 2. Set up fresh TYPO3 v12 and import the database.

Step 3. Activate the template using a license key.