Form Submission API

Before adding plugins to page configure personio APIs and Scheduler!

Please configure this API for Submitting application form successfully

detail page

Step:1 Go to Admin tools>Settings

Step:2 Click on configure extensions

Step:3 Select ns_personio

Step:4 Add Application submit API

Step:5 Add Documents Submit API and save the configuration

Configure Scheduler

Please configure schedular for fatching Data from personio API

Select extension

Step:1 Go to System>Scheduler

Step:2 Select Task

Step:3 Select Schedulable Command

Step:4 Add Personio Account API,You can get It from

Step:5 Add Language Uid from site management, you can create Multiple scheduler according to diffrent languages!

Step:6 Page ID where to persist new or updated jobs

All done now you can configure plugins to your pages!