Configuration For Plugins in page

1.Personio Job List Plugin

Follow below steps to configure this exension:

Step 1. Click on “Plugin” menu

Step 2. Create New Content Element > Insert Plugin > Personio Job List

1.1 General

Select extension
Select extension

Storage page: Select Storage page id where your API data is stored

Details Page: Configure id of detail page

Application Page: Configure id of Application page

1.2 Details

Select extension

Add Heading and Description

1.3 Customization

Select extension
Select extension

Dark mode: You can enable or disable dark mode for listing page

Pagination: You can select Type of Pagination

Item per Page: You can set Item per page

List View: You can select List view type from dropdown

Select extension

List View>Customization fields: You can enable of diable Fields for visibility on FE!

Filter: You can enable filtration for Job applications

Select extension

View type: YOu can select listing view type from Dropdown to render in Filter

List View: By this you can show list in Frontend

Thumbnail: By this You can show Applications aa thumbnails

Isotop: By this you can Show applications in isotop view

Masonry: By this you can show application in masonry view

Apply now: By this option you can show apply now button on listing page

2.Personio Job Detail Plugin

Step 1. Click on “Plugin” menu

Step 2. Create New Content Element > Insert Plugin > Personio Job Details

detail page

Dark Theme: You can enable/Disable dark mode

List Page: Configure List page id

Application page: Configure application Page Id

detail page

Show Apply button: By this option you can enable or disable apply now botton in detail page

Apply Button Position: By this option you can set Position on top in detail page by enabling it

Common content: You Can select Content elements/Pages for showing in Detail page

3.Personio Jobs Application Plugin

Step 1. Click on “Plugin” menu

Step 2. Create New Content Element > Insert Plugin > Personio Job Details

3.1 General

detail page

You can configure Comapny id and Access token from your personio account,learn more from

Company id: Add Company id

Access token: Add access token

List page: Configure list page id

detail page

After Successful Application Redirect to Page: After Successful submition of Application redirected to this configured page

After Failed Application Redirect to Page: If Application submission failed it will redirect to this page

3.2 View

detail page

Dark theme: You can enable or disble dark theme for application form page

Show header: You can Enable/disable header visibility in Frontend

Application Message: You can add message for application page

detail page

Privacy policy URL: Add Privacy policy URL for application form

Layout: You can select Layout of form from Dropdown you can now check your job listing on Your website!