1. Compulsory: Update Extension Repository

To make works perfect this extension, It’s very important to-do perform this task. By the way, you can also setup scheduler to make it automatically update ;) You can easily update extension repository with following simple steps:

  1. Go to “Extension Manager”.

  2. Select “Get Extensions” from Dropdown

  3. Click on ‘Update Now’ button

Compatibility Check Configuration 3

2. Optional: Set default target TYPO3 version

Compatibility Check Configuration 1

3. Optional: Configure Scheduler

  1. Go to SYSTEM > Scheduler > Create new scheduler with Update extension list (extensionmanager).

Compatibility Check Scheduler 1
  1. Go to SYSTEM > Scheduler > Create new scheduler with TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report via Email Notification, It will automatically send you an email whenever new TYPO3 version or extensions will available, Please configure all the fields.

Compatibility Check Scheduler 1
Compatibility Check Scheduler 1

That’s it, Now you can enjoy all the benifits of this extension :)