Constant editor
  • Step 1: Go to Template

  • Step 2: Select root page

  • Step 3: Select constant Editor

  • Step 4: Select > PLUGIN.TX_NSZOHO

  • Step 5: Add Zoho URL

  • Step 6: Add Zoho Account URL

  • Step 7: Add Auth Token

  • Step 8: Add Client ID

  • Step 9: Add Client Secret key

Create Auth Token, Client ID and Client Secret from Reference link for Step by step explanation:

Once Auth Token is generated, you need to set this at constants.

Create Typo3 form from Backend and configure with zoho

  • Step 1: Select “Zoho Module” & “Select Zoho CRM Finisher”

Create Typo3 Form
  • Step 2:**Add Zoho Value **[add field name same as in zoho API]

Typo3 Form