Quick & Easy configuration of “NsTwitter” into TYPO3

To activate the Twitter service for your TYPO3 site:

  1. Sign Up with your twitter account details over here

  2. After Sign Up to your account Create New App

  3. Click to Create Your Twitter application

  4. Now you will get keys from this tab Keys and Access Tokens, Just note it down to setup at our TYPO3 extension.


Setup all the configuration:

1. Switch to the module Admin tools Extensions and then edit configuration

screenshot "TYPO3_NsTwitter_Extension_NITSAN_Configuration_Step2"

2. Paste your required keys into this settings

screenshot "TYPO3_NsTwitter_Extension_NITSAN_Configuration_Step3"

3. Add Plugin to your page where you want to show your tweets.

screenshot "TYPO3_NsTwitter_Extension_NITSAN_Configuration_Step4"

4. Configure it as per your requirements.

screenshot "TYPO3_NsTwitter_Extension_NITSAN_Configuration_Step5"

5. You can add your own CSS path by configuring below constant file path or remove path that will not add css in your project.

screenshot "TYPO3_NsTwitter_Extension_NITSAN_Configuration_Step5"

Clearing the cache

Please use the buttons ‘Flush frontend caches’ and ‘Flush general caches’ from the top panel. The ‘Clear cache’ function of the install tool will also work perfectly.