Please follow below step to configuration,

Constant editor
  • Step 1: Go to Template/TypoScript

  • Step 2: Select root page

  • Step 3: Select constant Editor

  • Step 4: Select > PLUGIN.tx_nshubspot

  • Step 5: Add hubspot API URL

  • Step 6: Add hubspot Client API Key

  • Step 7: Add Client ID

Pleae follow below steps for hubspot configuration.

HubSpot Configuration

Create Typo3 Form
  • Step 3: Get your “HubSpot API key” and “Client ID” from the “Get HubSpot API key”

get api

Generate Client API Key and Client ID, here is referance link for step by Step guidance

After API Key and Client ID genaration,configure it in contants

Create your HubSpot form

Create your hubspot form from{your_account_id}

hubspot form

Create Typo3 form from Backend and configure with hubspot

  • Step 1: Enable “Enable HubSpot”,Add HubSpot Portal ID and HubSpot Form Id and also add the “HubSpot Finisher” finisher

Create Typo3 Form
  • Step 2: Add Hubspot Value [add field name same as in HubSpot API]

Typo3 Form