Comment Plugin Settings

Add Comment Plugin

You can add Comment plugin from Add element wizard

Add Comment Plugin

Now, set all the settings of Comment plugin

Main Configuration

Comment Plugin - Main Configuration

Language Fallback: Choose Default option to display the comment as per default language otherwise choose the Language Based Comment option for the multilingual comments.

Custom Date Format: Check this checkbox to use custom date format to display in Comment list.

Disabled Like Option: Enable the checkbox if you dont want to display the Like/Unlike feature on front end.

Enable Like Option: You can like/dislike comments.

Enable Form Rating Option: By enabling this,You can add ratings while adding comments!

Enable Comment Rating Option: By enabling this you can add ratings to comments!

Comment Plugin - Main Configuration

Date Format: You can use any of the standard date format as well.

Time Format: You can use any of the standard time format as well.

Captcha Settings: You can set whether to display Captcha or not. You can select one of the options from below:

  • None: Disable Captcha

  • Image Captcha: Display Image Captcha. It will look like this:

Image Captcha Demo

If you are using Free version and have enabled captcha then Image Captcha will be displayed at comment form.


If you select Image Captcha, you need to rename _.htaccess file to .htaccess at this folder /typo3conf/ext/ns_comments/Resources/Private/

  • Google reCAPTCHA v2 : Display Google reCAPTCHA v2. Make sure to add Sitekey in Constant. It will look like this:

Google Captcha Demo

Add User Image: Add user image to display for all commments.