Please follow below steps for configuration,

basic Configuration

Step 1: Go to Setting

Step 2: Click on configure extenions

Step 3: Select ns_cloudflare

Step 4: Add email address added while creating cloudflare account

Step 5: Add API key

Step 6: Select domain which you want to Enable for cloudflare

Step 7: Click on “Save “n_cloudflare” configuration”

Step 5: Add API Script,here is Step by step setup guild for setup cookieyes add scrip from it and configure it.

For API key check this Ref. link for step by step guidance


Advanced Configuration

Originating IPs: This checkbox allows you to restore the originating IPs.

Purge catch by Page: If thi checkbox is enabled then,you can clear cloudflare cach by clearing page cache.

Purge cache by cache-Tag: This checkbox allows you to purge individual files on Cloudflare’s cache using the associated Cache-Tag.

API Endpoint: An alternate API endpoint/proxy for Cloudflare.

Now we have done with all the steps so finally you will able to ue this extenion

Check below feature of this extenion,

Development Mode Toggle

This allows easy toggling of development mode directly from the TYPO3 Backend.

Devmode Configuration

TYPO3 Backend Cache Purge

This effortlessly manage TYPO3 website cache with our Cloudflare Extension

cachePurge Configuration

Page-Specific Cache Purge

It clear cache for specific pages directly from the TYPO3 Backend

page Configuration