Quick & Easy configuration of “AllChats” into TYPO3

Choose & Setup account at one of your favourie chat tool:

  1. You should setup an account at one of your favourite chat tool eg.,,,,, ,,,,

  2. You will able to find section where you can add your site’s URL.

  3. Use “Default Installation Instructions” to get all to get Project Id and Security Key.

    Configuration 1

Setup all the configuration of Live chat:

  1. Switch to the root page of your site.

  2. Switch to the Template module and select Constant Editor.


  4. Paste your script code over here including <script></script> to integrate it in typo3.

    Configuration 2

Clearing the cache

Please use the buttons ‘Flush frontend caches’ and ‘Flush general caches’ from the top panel. The ‘Clear cache’ function of the install tool will also work perfectly.