Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Product >= v6.2.0 (Migrate from EXT.gridelements to EXT.container)

This product’s greater then v6.2.0 is major breaking changes to migrate from outdated EXT.gridelements to modern EXT.container. Please take a look at the step-by-step migration guide below.

Step 1. Go to NITSAN > License Manager > Update to latest version of EXT.ns_theme_bootstrap

Step 2. Update EXT.ns_basetheme atleast v11.5.0

Step 3. Go to Admin Tools > Maintenance module > Clear cache. Also, click on the “Dump Autoload” button. Or run the below command for the composer-based TYPO3 instance.

composer dump-autoload

Step 4. Install EXT.container extension

Step 5. Go to Admin Tools > Upgrade > Click on “Run Upgrade Wizard”

Step 6. Click on the “Execute” button of “Grid to Container Migration”


Step 7. Go to Admin Tools > Extensions > De-activate & Delete EXT.gridelements

Step 8. Go to Admin Tools > Maintenance > Clear Cache.

That’s it! All the grids are migrated (structure and data) from EXT.gridelements to EXT.container TYPO3 extension.