Theme Options

Global-Level Configuration

This module will help you configure global settings.

  • Go to NITSAN > Theme Options

  • Click on “Root/Main” page from Page-Tree

  • You can configure General, SEO, GDPR, Style, Integration etc.

  • All the theme options are self-explain, We recommend to configure everything once.


General : This tab consists of settings related to Header, Navigation menu, Footer & Site Maintenance.

SEO : This tab consist configurations related to SEO of the site.

GDPR : This tab manages the GDPR Cookiebar settings and its style.

Style : You can manage style of entire site from here. You can set global settings for elements like Header, Navigation Menu & footer from here. However, you can overwrite them at page level also. To overwrite these settings, go to Extended tab in Page properties.

Integration : You can add customised CSS and Integration scripts from third-party tools for Tracking purposes.

Page-Level Configuration

From theme option tab, you can now directly select page, and create a extension template & configure desired style for particular page.


After creating extension template for the specific page, you can now configure all theme options for this particular page only.